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                          Chaozhou Kaibo Ceramics Making Co,. Ltd is a leading ceramic and porcelain 
                          supplier in China for more than 15 years, which is located in Chinese Porcelain 
                          Capital Chaozhou. Our company was established in 1997, with a production area 
                          covering more than 35000 square meters. We have various models, attractive design, 
                          including many kinds of canister sets, soup sets, tea sets, dinner sets etc., owing 
                          to elegant designs……[Enter into details]

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                          CHAOZHOU KAIBO CERAMICS MAKING CO.,LTD.
                          Add: sanzhan qiaotian, sansheng village, fuyang 
                          Chaoan,chaozhou,guangdong china
                          Tel no.:0086-768-2985420,2985424,2985109
                          Fax no.:0086-768-2986389

                            CHAOZHOU KAIBO CERAMICS MAKING CO.,LTD. 

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